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2019 Predictions

Last year, Nikki's predictions that came true:

World Predictions: A lot of people surrounding President Trump will be gone (No. 39), Trump administration will fall like dominos (No 40), Love triangle around the White House, re: Stormy Daniels scandal (No. 79), More terrorist attacks in Paris and other parts of France (No. 104), Terrorist attack in Australia (No. 110), Cold War between China and the US (No. 127), Protests and riots in Washington, DC (No. 136), Terrorist attacks in London, England (No. 137), Large earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska (No. 174), Earthquake in Tokyo, Japan (No. 192), terrorist attacks in Pakistan and India (No. 217), More terrorist attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan (No. 218), Marijuana legalized in Canada (No. 224), Raging hurricanes in Florida (No. 244), A huge chunk of ice coming off the Arctic Shelf (No. 257), Stock Markets are very volatile around the world (No. 172), A huge breakthrough in the cure for Alzheimerís Disease (No. 213), Mount etna erupting (No. 190).

Wild Weather Predictions: California wildfires (No. 23), Oklahoma earthquakes (No. 4), Super storms across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia (No. 7), Worldwide snow in areas that donít normally have snow (No. 9), Earthquakes and Tsunamiís in Indonesia (No. 10), A large earthquake in the Philippines (No. 11), Major floods in the US and Europe (No. 19), Earthquakes in San Francisco, LA and San Diego (No. 22), Devastating wildfires in California, British Columbia and Australia (No. 23), Tornados in Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee (No. 29), Large earthquakes in Greece and Cyprus (No. 31), Earthquake in Corfu and Crete (No. 32), Earthquake in Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua (No. 36) Earthquake in Iran (No. 40), Earthquake in North and South Carolina (No. 44), Snow in Turkey and Egypt (No. 54), Earthquake in Afghanistan (No. 55), Flooding in Paris, France (No. 57), Earthquake in British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Alaska (No. 59), Heat wave covers London, England (No. 60), Gigantic earthquake hits the Solomon Islands and Tonga

The U.K. Royals: Marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (No. 2), Pregnancy for Meghan Markle (No. 3), Prince Phillip has to watch health (No. 11)

Star Predictions: Alec Baldwin career would take off after spoofs on SNL (No.1), Angelina Jolie has to watch health and fluctuations in weight (No. 6), Heather Locklear has to watch health and well-being (No. 10), Bill Cosby has to watch health and well-being (No. 13), Margot Kidder has to watch health (No. 22), A Hollywood heavyweight will produce a movie about the Harvey Weinstein scandal (No. 27), Ben Affleck watch his drinking and well-being (No.29), Lady Gagaís career will soar, re: A Star is Born (No. 37), Michelle Obama becoming a new Oprah, re: Her best selling book, lots of PR (No. 45)

The Passing Of: Burt Reynolds, Penny Marshall, Barbara Bush, George Bush Sr., Billy Graham, Monty Hall, Joe Jackson, Margot Kidder

Health Issues and Well-Being: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Valerie Harper, Drake, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Jimmy Carter, Olivia Newton-John, Marilyn Manson, Steven Tyler, Heather Locklear, Bob Barker, Willie Nelson

Many of these predictions were made in various media outlets including radio stations, television stations and various newspapers including The Toronto Sun, and on Nikki's Web site

Here's how Nikki sees 2019:

World Predictions

  1. The White House under attack
  2. Giant sinkhole in Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. New Orleans under water
  4. A Dam breaks in California, lots of damage
  5. A Spaceship landing in desert area
  6. An increase in UFO sightings worldwide
  7. A large fan shape flying object seen all over the world
  8. A lot of UFOs in India
  9. The sky will turn red in different parts of the world
  10. Danger around Justin Trudeau
  11. A mayor in a Canadian city will be a hero
  12. Attack or shooting at a NHL game
  13. Worlds largest bird nest found in Africa
  14. Arrest made in the Natalie Wood case
  15. An arrest in the Madeline McCann case
  16. Giant earthquake in Naples, Italy
  17. More sightings of White Moose around the world
  18. Penguins invading cities
  19. Multiple streakers at a Baseball game
  20. Birmingham, England on fire
  21. Huge hurricanes and earthquakes in the Carolinas
  22. Mexican uprising and revolution
  23. A famous New York City jewellery store will be robbed
  24. Assassination of a young leader
  25. A famous castle will burn
  26. An earthquake in in Tokyo and Mount Fuji
  27. A tsunami is Malibu, California
  28. Terrorist attack in Central Park, New York City
  29. Celebrity couple overdosing
  30. Illness around President Trump
  31. Bush fires and wildfires in Australia
  32. Vladimir Putin choking on food
  33. Impeachment of the American Government
  34. People of North Korea will overthrow the Government
  35. Protests and Riots worldwide
  36. Meteorite will hit Moscow
  37. A sinkhole in Downtown Manhattan, swallowing cars
  38. French Standard Poodles will make a comeback
  39. Vladimir Putin has to be careful of choking on food
  40. Isle of Capri under water
  41. Explosion near the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy
  42. A plane crashing in Amsterdam
  43. Long Island under water, serious flooding
  44. An Elephant kills a trainer
  45. A lost world under the sea
  46. A Hollywood star involved in a mercy killing
  47. A tragedy in Wichita, Kansas
  48. Roof collapse at Carnegie Hall in New York City
  49. An explosion at Danish embassy
  50. Shootings on Wall Street
  51. Train derailment in Gary, Indiana
  52. Giant earthquake in Alaska and British Columbia
  53. Earthquake at the Grand Canyon
  54. Kellyanne Conway will divorce
  55. Widespread flooding in Romania
  56. Several explosions in Copenhagen, Denmark
  57. A gigantic earthquake in Panama
  58. Sharks surrounding a Cruise Ship
  59. Shooting at a school in Albany, New York
  60. Temperatures rising even more in the Arctic
  61. A brawl and riots in London's Hyde Park
  62. A bomb blast at Buckingham Palace
  63. A bomb blast in a subway in Paris
  64. Danger around French President Emmanuel Macron
  65. Typhoon hits Australia
  66. Gas explosion in New York City
  67. Bomb blast at Heathrow Airport
  68. Donald Trump Jr. in grave danger
  69. Sky turning different colours all over the world
  70. Terrorist attack in Singapore
  71. An airport terminal under attack
  72. An elevator accident at the Empire State Building
  73. A race horse at a racetrack bolts into the crowd, injuring many
  74. An attack in Antwerp, Belgium causing panic
  75. The Nile River overflows, causing flooding near the Pyramids in Egypt
  76. Many shipwrecks will be found, including a Spanish Galleon ship
  77. Old fashioned ice cream parlours will make a comeback
  78. A monster storm in Shanghai and Hong Kong
  79. A collapse of a fashion runway
  80. Large earthquake in Scotland and Norway
  81. Mass shooting in Cleveland
  82. Boston buried in 20 ft of snow
  83. Bombing on Fifth Avenue in New York City
  84. A new Billy Graham will emerge
  85. Serbia at war again
  86. A commercial ocean liner will sink
  87. More space junk falling from the sky
  88. Another high rise fire
  89. A University under siege
  90. An attack at a carnival or midway
  91. A Bull will escape a its pen and kill people
  92. A Whisky company will go bankrupt
  93. A Typhoon hits Australia
  94. A plane will crash in the English Channel
  95. An attack at the Washington Post
  96. Two subways collide
  97. A Shark will kill a movie star
  98. Somebody will be hit by lightening at a Trump golf course
  99. An airplane crash at Helsinki Airport
  100. Air Force One will have engine trouble
  101. Multiple fatalities on the New Jersey Turnpike after a couple of crashes
  102. A member of the Trump family will be abducted
  103. Revitalization of Detroit, Michigan
  104. A boat sinks in the Detroit River
  105. Danger around a politician in Scotland
  106. The largest Salmon in the world will be caught
  107. Millions of dollars in Gold Bullion under a museum
  108. A bank robbery in Chicago, Illinois
  109. Mark Zuckerberg has to be careful of planes
  110. Large Vampire Bats invading a city
  111. Storms in Big Sur, California causing major landslides
  112. A famous Rembrandt painting will be stolen
  113. Two gondolas colliding in Venice, Italy
  114. Breakthrough in Glaucoma and other eye diseases
  115. A college in Houston, Texas on lockdown
  116. A giant honeycomb will be found in South America with giant Bees
  117. The worlds largest Pomegranate will be grown in the Middle East
  118. A Parrot will break into the White House
  119. Somebody will fly a drone into the White House
  120. Mississippi River overflowing
  121. A baseball team is kidnapped and held for ransom
  122. Big breakthrough in treatment of spinal injuries
  123. The worlds largest Rose will be grown in England
  124. A World War II plane will crash at an airshow
  125. A plane will be hijacked in Houston, Texas
  126. A tragedy at Lake Huron
  127. Riots and protests in Rome, Italy
  128. A fire in a shop in Halifax Harbour
  129. A space triumph
  130. Protests and riots in London, England
  131. A plane crash in Pearl Harbor
  132. Another sex scandal in Washington DC
  133. A giant Gorilla like King Kong found on a remote island
  134. A treasure of ancient coins, gold and silver will be found off the coast of Africa
  135. A bombing in Caracas, Venezuela, possibly at an embassy
  136. An attack in Morocco
  137. A soap opera star and a Washington politician sex scandal
  138. A famous male politician will come out as female
  139. A vigilante in New York like the movie, Death Wish
  140. Locusts invading a city in the Middle East
  141. A fist fight between two news anchors on a live TV broadcast
  142. Caroline Mulroney could run for Prime Minister, like her father
  143. Wall Street panics as there are worldwide fluctuations in the Stock Market
  144. Gunshots around a Legislature
  145. A section of downtown Montreal on fire
  146. Flooding from violent storms in Niagara Falls
  147. Jimmy Carter hospitalized
  148. A tornado in Laredo, Texas
  149. Damage to the Liberty Bell
  150. A giant earthquake in Costa Rica
  151. A disease around the Redwoods in Northern California
  152. Avalanche in Switzerland
  153. A famous race car driver will perish in a crash
  154. Another city in the US with water problems like Flint, Michigan
  155. Mudslides in a Mexican city
  156. Mudslides in California
  157. Train derailment in Hoboken, New Jersey
  158. An attack in Times Square, New York City
  159. An earthquake in the Atlanta, Georgia and into the Carolinas
  160. A tsunami in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  161. A 200 car pile up on a LA freeway
  162. Attack at the Sears building in Chicago
  163. A commercial airliner will have a hole in it, but the pilot will land it safely
  164. A politician strips naked on live TV
  165. A plane crashing from California to Hawaii
  166. A huge earthquake in Sumatra
  167. Jail for a Washington politician
  168. A great storm hits Boston, Massachusetts
  169. A disease kills Bison in the US and Canada
  170. A fire a Grauman's Chinese Theatre in LA
  171. Kangaroos will invade a city in Australia
  172. A famous chef before a Judge, could go to jail
  173. Dust storms in Arizona, the Mohave Desert and the Middle East
  174. A meteorite will hit earth, creating a giant crater and it will be radioactive
  175. A convict will escape prison through a storm sewer
  176. Explosion at MSNBC and CNN
  177. Terror attack in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia
  178. A stampede of horses will injure many people
  179. An ancient city will be found under a desert
  180. A tragedy in Canoga Park, California
  181. A violent bank robbery In Omaha, Nebraska with people taken hostage
  182. Protests, riots and a bomb in Trafalgar Square in London, England
  183. Michael Cohen has to be careful in prison
  184. A stampede of Horses in Montana will injure many people
  185. A breakthrough in the cure for Osteoporosis
  186. Tsunami under the Indian Ocean
  187. Bloody violence on the Gaza Strip in the Middle East
  188. Stormy Daniels in danger
  189. Shootings in South Beach, Miami
  190. There will be a train heist like in the Old West
  191. A breakthrough in the cure of Eczema
  192. Protests in Long Beach, California
  193. Shooting at the Capital Building in Washington, DC
  194. A Giant Eagle will be found in Alaska
  195. A space tragedy
  196. A shooting on Wall Street
  197. Deep South mentality like the 1960's
  198. A bad fire in the old section of downtown Chicago
  199. A plane hitting a signal tower in Chicago
  200. A daredevil attempts to go over the Golden Gate Bridge
  201. A famous politician will be found out that he likes bondage and is with a Dominatrix
  202. A baseball player will kill a person by hitting the ball into the stands
  203. Panic in the streets of Brooklyn, protests
  204. Breakthrough in the cure for Breast Cancer
  205. Apple and Samsung merge
  206. Lights go dark in Times Square, New York City
  207. A female tightrope walker will attempt to go over Niagara Falls
  208. Martial Law in Birmingham, Alabama and Macon, Georgia
  209. Rudy Giuliani hospital stay
  210. Giant rodents will scare people in the streets of New York City
  211. Tragedy Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  212. An earthquake in Romania
  213. A collapse of a building in Hamburg, Germany
  214. Elon Musk has to watch his well being
  215. In the future, North and South Korea will become one
  216. A politician strips naked on late night TV
  217. An explosion at a Military Base in San Diego, California
  218. A flying car goes into a house
  219. A boat sinks in the Rhine River
  220. A volcano erupts in Italy causing the lava to run into the town
  221. A heist of an upscale jewellery store in New York City worth millions of dollars
  222. A heist at an art gallery in Berlin, Germany
  223. Divers will find an ancient city under the Red Sea
  224. A rollover of a double decker bus injures many
  225. A lot of wildlife - animals and birds will perish in the Arctic
  226. The worlds largest carrot will be grown in the US
  227. A farmer in China grows a beanstalk many stories high
  228. The first conception of half human and half animal
  229. A satellite picks up strange sounds in space
  230. In the future people will marry robots
  231. A terrorist breaks into the White House
  232. A Mississippi riverboat will catch fire
  233. A beauty queen will get cold feet after winning the coveted crown, returns it on live TV and rushes off the stage crying and overwhelmed
  234. An archaeologist dig finds the worlds largest Mammoth
  235. A fishing party catches a Great White Shark
  236. Two Motocross drivers collide
  237. Earthquake in Cape Town South Africa
  238. A cruise ship will be hijacked
  239. An airport under siege
  240. A bomb blast at Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC
  241. An avalanche in Whistler, British Columbia
  242. Three casinos robbed in Atlantic City
  243. Dogs invading cities
  244. Saudi Arabia under gun fire
  245. Russia Ukraine build up - lots of bullets flying
  246. Mega earthquake in California
  247. Gigantic earthquake in the South Pacific
  248. Fire coming out of the ground in some cities
  249. Mini earthquakes in the Earth's core
  250. Resignation around the Vatican - including the Pope
  251. A possible resignation of Donald Trump
  252. North Korea could strike the US
  253. Violent storm in Cape Town, South Africa
  254. A cyber attack in Washington
  255. A fire and explosion at the New York Times
  256. Explosion at Penn Station in New York City
  257. Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy collapsing
  258. A meteor landing in Washington, DC
  259. Gunshots around an American politician
  260. Possible Impeachment around Donald Trump
  261. The worst mass shooting in US history
  262. Assassination (attempt) on Donald Trump
  263. A Presidents motorcade will be attacked
  264. Donald Trump will attack North Korea
  265. VP Mike Pence and Donald Trump have to watch health
  266. Melania Trump and son in danger
  267. Problems around Donald Trump Jr.
  268. Terrorist attack in Brussels
  269. A plane landing on a busy highway in Denver, Colorado
  270. An avalanche in Whistler, British Columbia
  271. A wheel chair around a politician
  272. Terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden
  273. Terrorist attack in Alaska
  274. A biological attack in London, England
  275. A terrorist attack at a fashion show
  276. Danger around Theresa May
  277. A blimp will explode in the US
  278. Highway overpass will collapse in Los Angeles, California
  279. A swinging bridge will collapse
  280. A new Bonnie and Clyde will emerge
  281. Terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway
  282. Scandal around Scientology
  283. Cuba becoming the 51st US State
  284. A 7.9 to 8.9 earthquake hitting Italy
  285. Rome, Italy on fire
  286. Another attack in Nice, France
  287. Attack in Vienna, Austria
  288. Libya under attack
  289. Terror attack at Tower Bridge in London, England
  290. An earthquake in Arizona and the Grand Canyon
  291. An earthquake in Monaco and France
  292. 2 planes collide at Heathrow Airport in London, England
  293. A biological attack in the UK, France and the US
  294. An earthquake in Niagara Falls
  295. Mount St. Helen's erupting
  296. An Air India flight crashes between Vancouver, British Columbia to Mumbai, India
  297. An avalanche in Switzerland
  298. An avalanche at Mt. Hood
  299. Floods in the Scottish Highlands
  300. A fire at the White House in Washington DC
  301. Shootings in Chinatown, San Francisco, California
  302. Shooting in Aspen, Colorado
  303. Ted Cruz has to be careful of airplanes
  304. House of Parliament in London, England has a great fire
  305. Explosions on Wall Street, New York - many deaths
  306. Fire at the Houston Astrodome
  307. Another Tsunami in Thailand
  308. A Tsunami in Vancouver, Canada
  309. Earthquake in Tuscany
  310. A large earthquake in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California
  311. A gigantic earthquake in San Francisco, California
  312. Tragedy around Seattle's Space Needle
  313. A member of the royal family will be kidnapped
  314. Hillary and Bill Clinton have to watch their health
  315. Grave danger around Vladimir Putin
  316. A bomb explosion around the United Nations
  317. A Cuba revolution
  318. An enormous typhoon in Bangladesh
  319. All of North America will be in the dark with a power blackout
  320. Iran and the US will attack each other
  321. A massive earthquake will destroy parts of the Middle East
  322. A large earthquake in Moscow
  323. The Golden Gate Bridge will be partly destroyed in San Francisco, California, and many people dead or injured
  324. Trouble around the Brooklyn Bridge in New York
  325. A famous politician will end up in a coma
  326. Enormous earthquake in India
  327. The leader of an Asian country will be assassinated
  328. More terrorist attacks in Paris and other parts of France
  329. Statue of Liberty under water
  330. A hurricane hitting New York City
  331. A commuter train in Chicago will derails and overturns, killing many people
  332. Terrorist attacks in Australia
  333. Monaco on fire
  334. Bomb blast at Buckingham palace
  335. President Obama could face a health scare and is in danger
  336. Donald Trump in grave danger
  337. Huge earthquake in Italy devastating the country
  338. A great fire and explosion at the Taj Mahal in India
  339. Mumbai will have an enormous earthquake
  340. Impeachment or grave danger for Rodrigo Duterte (President of the Philippines)
  341. Terror attack in Antwerp, Belgium
  342. Terror attack in Moscow
  343. Protests and riots in Washington, DC
  344. Terror attacks in London, England
  345. Terror attack in Las Vegas
  346. Terror attack in Paris
  347. Terror attack in New York
  348. Terror attack in Rome, Italy
  349. Terror attack in Egypt
  350. Terror attack in the Caribbean
  351. A fire at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles
  352. Fire destroys most of Havana, Cuba
  353. A terror attack at Trump hotel
  354. Tragedy in Oklahoma city - bombing
  355. An impeachment of a politician in the US
  356. The Pope has to watch his health and for danger
  357. Terror attack in Saudi Arabia
  358. Terror attack at Victoria Station in London, England
  359. Two planes crash at John F Kennedy airport in New York City
  360. Terror attack in Toronto, Canada
  361. Terror attack in Vancouver, Canada
  362. Ottawa and Montreal still has to be on alert for possible attacks
  363. A bomb blast at Heathrow Airport
  364. North Korean president Kim Jong Un in danger and could vanish
  365. North Korea attacks South Korea
  366. Queen Elizabeth has to watch her health and for danger
  367. The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip has to watch health
  368. A change in the Monarchy in England
  369. Earthquakes in Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec
  370. Riots in Madrid, Spain
  371. Terror attack in Florida
  372. A ski accident around the Trump family
  373. Terror attack in Tel Aviv
  374. Terror attack in Amsterdam
  375. Terror attack in Istanbul, Turkey
  376. Drone strike at Buckingham Palace
  377. Attack at the White House in DC
  378. Stock markets are very volatile around the world
  379. A giant earthquake in Vancouver, British Columbia
  380. A large earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska
  381. A giant earthquake in Manila and Guam
  382. Prince Albert of Monaco could split with wife
  383. More "lone wolf" terror attacks worldwide
  384. A commercial airliner shot down by a drone attack
  385. A chemical attack in London, England
  386. Terror attack at a shopping mall in Dubai
  387. The Beverly Center on fire in LA
  388. Terror attack in Las Vegas
  389. Terror attack in Paris
  390. Terror attack in New York
  391. Terror attack in Los Angeles
  392. Terror attack in Vancouver
  393. Terror attack in Toronto
  394. Terror attack in Chicago
  395. Mount Etna erupting
  396. A great earthquake in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco
  397. Earthquake in Tokyo, Japan
  398. Tragedy at Logan International Airport in Boston
  399. Terror attack in Knightsbridge area of London, England
  400. Tragedy around the new World Trade Centre in New York City
  401. Terror attack in Scotland
  402. An arrest in the Madelaine McCann case
  403. Mount St. Helen's erupting
  404. Israel and Iran attacking each other
  405. A missile reaching Hawaii and Alaska
  406. An attack on the Vatican and the Pope
  407. The Pope has to watch his health
  408. Two famous Canadian politicians will pass
  409. Terror attack on Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, California
  410. Terror attack in California
  411. A giant earthquake between Baja, California and Mexico
  412. Bomb blast at the British Prime Minister's residence, 10 Downing Street, London, England
  413. Giant earthquake in Mexico City
  414. A large earthquake in Naples, Italy
  415. Mount Vesuvius erupting
  416. A huge breakthrough in the cure for Alzheimer's Disease
  417. A plane goes into the Eiffel Tower, Paris
  418. A huge heist at the Louvre in Paris; Monet's, Van Goghs, Etc. are stolen
  419. A casino fire in the South of France
  420. Terror attacks in Pakistan and India
  421. More terror attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan
  422. A Saudi Price will be kidnapped
  423. Saudi Arabia terror attacks, including Riyadh
  424. A subway goes out of control in New York City
  425. A US heiress will be kidnapped
  426. Spaceship landing
  427. Metal detectors everywhere
  428. "Lone Wolf" attacks in Brussels, Belgium and Luxembourg
  429. Scott Peterson is in danger
  430. A casino in Las Vegas is robbed and under attack
  431. Prince Charles has to watch his health
  432. Bomb blast at Heathrow Airport, London, England
  433. Terror attack in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia
  434. Trouble with the Earth's magnetic fields caused by solar flares
  435. A space tragedy
  436. A hurricane hitting the Louisiana coast, similar to Katrina
  437. Shootings at Rockefeller Center and Times Square in New York City
  438. Blast, explosion and shooting at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City
  439. Queen Elizabeth is in danger and has to watch her health
  440. Explosion at Edwards Airforce Base in California
  441. Earthquakes in Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec
  442. Earthquakes destroying parts of the Taj Mahal
  443. Tragedy around the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario
  444. Parts of the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, Ontario will collapse
  445. Raging hurricanes in Florida
  446. Dam burst at Hoover Dam
  447. Riots in Madrid, Spain
  448. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in danger
  449. More UFO and Alien sightings worldwide
  450. A towering inferno in Honolulu, Hawaii
  451. A huge chunk of ice coming off the Antarctic shelf
  452. Riots in Caracas, Venezuela
  453. Plane crashing into the Andes
  454. A fiery crash and loss of life at a Grand Prix race
  455. Tragedy at a school in Tennessee
  456. A massive fire near the Docks in Toronto, Ontario
  457. Sex scandal around British Royalty
  458. An attack in San Diego, California
  459. Breakthroughs in the area of MS
  460. Attack at Marble Arch in London, England
  461. Attack in Hampstead Heath, England
  462. Terrorist attack in Boston, Massachusetts
  463. A plane hijacking
  464. A hurricane in Toronto, Canada
  465. Terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain
  466. Earthquake at Mount Everest
  467. A break in at Mar-a-Lago

Star Predictions

  1. Elton John will split up, and he has to watch his health - rushed to hospital
  2. George and Amal Clooney will split
  3. Mel B will go to rehab
  4. Reboot of I Dream of Jeannie
  5. Reboot of All in the Family
  6. Remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo
  7. Sexual allegations against a gameshow host
  8. Remake of Scarface with Al Pacino possibly making a cameo
  9. Britney Spear in a car accident
  10. John Travolta in a car accident
  11. Dame Judi Dench has to watch health
  12. Jimmy Kimmel will have a starring role in a film
  13. A cooking show for Jennifer Garner
  14. Prostate problems for Anderson Cooper
  15. A comedian will win an Oscar for a dramatic role
  16. Carol Burnett health issues
  17. Stevie Wonder will have health issues
  18. Sex scandal around Heidi Klum
  19. Simon Cowell Knighted
  20. Bill Cosby rushed to hospital
  21. Brooke Shields divorce
  22. Jack Nicholson hospital stay
  23. Trouble around Steve Harvey
  24. One of the Kardashian's will charge someone with aggravated assault
  25. Jeremy Irons health issues
  26. Shania Twain has to be careful of horses
  27. A Ventriloquist will get drunk during a live show and so will the puppet
  28. Lady Gaga will play a Queen in a movie
  29. Debbie Harry medical problems
  30. A famous Opera singer will perish in a fire
  31. Regis Philbin has to watch his health
  32. Larry King has to watch his health
  33. A Soap Opera star and a Washington politician will be involved in a sex scandal
  34. A fist fight between two news anchors on live TV
  35. Alyssa Milano will run for politics in the future
  36. Kanye West involved in a shooting
  37. Alessia Cara becoming an actress
  38. Paris Jackson arrested
  39. A Hollywood star involved in a mercy killing
  40. James Woods robbing a bank
  41. Celine Dion health scare
  42. Johnny Depp overdose and rehab
  43. Alex Trebek awards and health issues
  44. Remake of Cliffhanger - Sylvester Stallone may produce
  45. Idris Elba could turn to directing
  46. A remake of the movie Big
  47. Idris Elba and The Rock together in a movie
  48. A member of The Rolling Stones rushed to hospital
  49. Howie Mandel has to watch his health
  50. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will have a baby
  51. A political scandal around Sacha Baron Cohen
  52. A Hollywood couple will call it quits on a talk show
  53. James Corden will open up karaoke bars across the US
  54. Sinead O'Connor in grave danger around her health
  55. A Hollywood hunk will have a breakdown and serve jail time
  56. A famous chef before a judge could go to jail
  57. A marriage for Whoopi Goldberg and hip surgery
  58. Marriage for Oprah
  59. Morgan Freeman hospital stay
  60. Elizabeth Hurley ski mishap
  61. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart will split
  62. Demi Lovato still has to watch her health and well-being
  63. Donatella Versace has to watch her health and well-being
  64. A Bieber baby for Justin and Hailey Bieber
  65. Bradly Cooper will be nominated for several awards and win
  66. Sam Elliott will be nominated for awards
  67. Melissa McCarthy can expect some awards nominations
  68. Ted Turner has to watch his health
  69. Michelle Obama will have an acting role in a movie
  70. Elon Musk has to watch his health and well-being
  71. First Man could win an Oscar
  72. Harvey Weinstein could serve jail time
  73. Stormy Daniels has to watch health and well-being
  74. Omarosa in a car accident
  75. Michael Avenatti watch for danger
  76. Julia Roberts will divorce
  77. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West will split
  78. Angelina Jolie has to watch her health
  79. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi may renew their wedding vows, but will then split
  80. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman will split
  81. Joan Collins has to watch her health
  82. Heather Locklear has to watch her health and well-being
  83. David and Victoria Beckham will split
  84. Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling will split
  85. Bill Cosby has to watch health and well-being
  86. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman possible split
  87. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill split
  88. Joe Pesci has to watch health
  89. Barbara Streisand and James Brolin split
  90. Annette Benning and Warren Beatty split
  91. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel split
  92. Julia Roberts will win an Emmy in the future
  93. OJ Simpson in more trouble, back in jail and has to watch health
  94. A Hollywood couple will overdose
  95. Ambulances an arrest around Harvey Weinstein. Has to watch his health and for danger
  96. John Travolta - more scandal
  97. Ben Affleck has to watch his drinking habit and well-being
  98. A hospital stay for Sylvester Stallone
  99. The Rock has to be careful of Motorcycle
  100. Harrison Ford has to watch his health and well-being; another airplane accident
  101. Lady Gaga's career will continue to soar - winning numerous awards in acting and music, including an Oscar nomination and win
  102. A wedding for Jennifer Lopez
  103. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill split
  104. Jay-Z and Beyonce will split
  105. Sir Anthony Hopkins has to watch health

Wild International Weather Predictions

  1. Large earthquake in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado
  2. Large tornado hits Wichita, Kansas
  3. Devastating destruction destroys a town in Oklahoma, after a tornado
  4. Earthquake in Oklahoma
  5. Super-large earthquake hits Kansas
  6. Earthquake in Chicago, St. Louis and Missouri
  7. Super storms across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia
  8. Earthquake for New Zealand
  9. Extreme weather worldwide, hotter and colder climates, and snow in areas that don't normally have snow
  10. An earthquake and tsunami in Thailand and Indonesia
  11. A large earthquake in the Philippines
  12. A large earthquake in Guam
  13. Category 5 hurricane wipes out Miami
  14. An earthquake hits the British Isles
  15. Earthquake in London, England
  16. Earthquake in New York City and Memphis, Tennessee
  17. Extra-large earthquakes wiping out towns in the US
  18. A gigantic earthquake in California
  19. Major floods in the US and Europe
  20. An earthquake in Utah
  21. Large earthquake and tornadoes in Québec and the Niagara Region, and Ontario
  22. Earthquakes hit Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego
  23. Wildfires in Greece, Hawaii, California, British Columbia and Australia
  24. An earthquake in Seattle, Washington
  25. An earthquake in Oregon
  26. Mount St. Helens erupting
  27. Tsunami in Malibu
  28. Giant tornadoes strike Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Missouri and Tennessee
  29. Russian earthquake
  30. Large earthquake in Greece and Cyprus
  31. An earthquake in Corfu and Crete
  32. Monster earthquake in Japan, along with another tsunami
  33. Tsunamis hit Alaska, Russia, Hawaii, Chile, Peru and Thailand
  34. Giant earthquake in Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina
  35. Earthquakes hitting Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua
  36. Mudslides killing people in Los Angeles
  37. Giant earthquake hitting Fukushima, Japan, causing radiation nightmare
  38. Avalanche snowstorm for Whistler, BC
  39. Earthquakes in Iran, China, Afghanistan and Tibet, including Nepal
  40. Volcano erupting and earthquake in Iceland
  41. Giant earthquake in Italy and Spain
  42. Another earthquake affecting New York City, New Jersey, Washington, Maryland and Virginia
  43. An earthquake strikes North Carolina and South Carolina
  44. An earthquake in Denmark
  45. Earthquakes hit Norway and Scotland
  46. More polar vortex
  47. An earthquake for Buffalo
  48. Earthquakes in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Grand Canyon
  49. Large earthquake in Yellowstone National Park
  50. An earthquake in Toronto
  51. Floods and typhoons for Bangladesh and India
  52. An earthquake in South Africa
  53. Snow in Turkey and Egypt
  54. Huge earthquake in Afghanistan
  55. An earthquake in San Francisco
  56. Paris, France flooding
  57. A large earthquake strikes Los Angeles and San Diego
  58. A devastating earthquake in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Alaska
  59. A heat wave covers London, England
  60. gigantic earthquake hits the Solomon Islands and Tonga
  61. Lots of snow in Australia
  62. Melting of ice in Iceland and Greenland and earthquakes in those regions

The U.K. Royals

  1. Kate and William have to watch their marriage
  2. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have another baby - pregnancy soon after first
  3. An ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry will cause problems for him
  4. A royal baby and a royal divorce
  5. Sickness around the Queen
  6. A bomb blast at Buckingham Palace
  7. Prince Charles has to watch health
  8. A horse accident around a Royal
  9. A scandal around Prince Andrew and Prince Edward
  10. Danger around Prince William and Harry, and planes
  11. An assassination attempt on the Queen
  12. The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, has to watch health
  13. Bombing at British Prime Minister's residence, 10 Downing Street
  14. A kidnapping around the Royal Family
  15. Royal Family in danger at home and especially while travelling
  16. Change in the British Monarchy
  17. Fergie behaving weirdly
  18. Royal Funerals
  19. Princess Eugenie will have a child
  20. Kate and William will have another child
  21. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have a residence in another country
  22. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have another child - very close to the first child

Death and Health Watch

Elon Musk, Ivana Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., Stormy Daniels, Rudy Giuliani, Omarosa Manigault Newman, Morgan Freeman, Sinead OíConnor, Dame Judi Dench, Walter Gretsky, Wayne Gretsky, Tori Spelling, Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, Giuliana Rancic, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conrad Black, Kenny Rogers, Valerie Harper, the Pope, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Nicholson, Drake, Nik Wallenda, Kim Jong-Un, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Doris Day, Dario Franchitti, Clint Eastwood, Willie Nelson, Paul Tracy, Britney Spears, La Toya Jackson, "Peewee Herman" Paul Reubens, John Walsh, Stephen Harper, David Hasselhoff, Bernard Madoff, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former Egyptian President Mubarak, Rupert Murdoch, Kelly Osbourne, Carol Channing, Loretta Lynn, Kirk Douglas, Joanne Woodward, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Pesci, Robert Blake, Larry King, Jimmy Carter, Duke of Edinburgh, Bob Barker, Keith Richards, Barry Manilow, Jackie Stallone, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, Bill Clinton, Howie Mandel, Jack Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Danny Glover, Betty White, Woody Allen, Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Williams, Heidi Montag, Dick Cheney, John Travolta, Regis Philbin, Natalie Portman, George Bush Jr., Taylor Swift, Tony Bennett, David Letterman, Jackie Mason, Justin Bieber, RuPaul, Selena Gomez, Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, Mick Jagger, Ed Asner, Sean Combs, Karl Lagerfeld, Olivia Newton-John, Michael Douglas, Kreskin, Cloris Leachman, Queen Elizabeth, Chaz Bono, Cher, Jodie Foster, Madonna, Pink, Harry Belafonte, Sarah "Fergie" Duchess of York, Shia LaBeouf, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Carol Burnett, Steven Tyler, Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Gordon Lightfoot, James Randi, Avril Lavigne, Criss Angel, Ronnie Hawkins, Joni Mitchell, Alex Trebek, Jay Leno, Paul McCartney, Anderson Cooper, Robert Evans, Barbara Streisand, Sir Richard Branson, Prince William, Prince Harry, Nicole Richie, Simon Cowell, David Copperfield, Desi Arnaz Jr., Angie Dickinson, Jimmy Fallon, Christopher Plummer, Katherine Jackson, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Jane Seymour, Richard Simmons, Olivia de Havilland, Hazel McCallion, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, Martha Stewart, David Cameron, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, Scott Peterson, Jian Ghomeshi, George Zimmerman, former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, U2's Bono, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Heather Locklear, Joan Collins, Petula Clark, Warren Beatty, Shirley Maclaine, Mel Gibson, Angie Everhart, Sharon Stone, Pamela Anderson, Liza Minnelli, Robert Wagner, Oscar Pistorius, Bill Cosby, Pierce Brosnan, Jerry Springer, Cťline Dion, Howard Stern, Dick van Dyke, Barbara Walters, Christopher Walken, Don Cherry, Gerard Depardieu, George Clooney, Amal Clooney, Gerard Butler, "Crocodile Dundee" Paul Hogan, Bindi Irwin, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Michael Avenatti, Kevin Spacey, Cardi B, Demi Lovato

It does not mean the above mentioned will pass but they might have to watch their health and also watch for danger in their life.



Disclaimer: All predictions made by Psychic Nikki are because that is what she sees and it does not reflect any personal opinions.

Predictions are made all year round not just on the website at the end of the year but throughout the year on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and on the internet.

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